Hanma Baki

Hanma Baki

ONATMS Entertainment

After a massive African elephant incident captures global attention, a survivor pins the blame on an enigmatic figure known as the 'Ogre,' Yuujirou Hanma, renowned as the world's mightiest being. Meanwhile, Yuujirou's son, the ambitious 18-year-old Baki, confronts a formidable opponent—a praying mantis—as part of his rigorous training to surpass his father. In a bold move to challenge his destiny, Baki orchestrates the abduction of the American President, George Bosch, leading to his incarceration in the notorious Arizona State Prison. Inside the prison walls, Baki crosses paths with Oliva Biscuit, the strongest man in the United States, who enjoys unique freedoms within the facility. Eager to test his strength, Baki initiates a daring confrontation with Oliva, only to find him distracted by his eccentric rival, Jun Guevaru, dubbed the 'Second' due to his special treatment among inmates. As Baki navigates the treacherous environment of the prison and acquaints himself with the eclectic personalities residing there, he bides his time, waiting for the perfect moment to showcase his skills and assert his dominance.

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