Shadows House

Shadows House

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In the secluded mountains, the enigmatic Shadows family dwells in a grand mansion, their eerie black appearance and sooty nature shrouded in mystery. As each young Shadow nears maturity, they are paired with a Living Doll, a companion embodying the faces they lack due to their darkness. Emilico, a bright and optimistic Doll, is assigned to the reserved Kate, her contrasting master. Despite their differences, Emilico dutifully attends to Kate's needs, delving into the intricacies of her role. Alongside meeting other Dolls and their masters, Emilico unravels the enigmatic purpose behind her creation. Bound by strict rules like 'Do not fret over trivial matters,' Emilico's insatiable curiosity leads her to unearth the deep-seated secrets veiled within Shadows House.

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