Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya

TVToei Animation

In an ancient era, a select group of young men pledged their lives to safeguard Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War, mastering a formidable combat technique that unleashed immense power with bare hands. Revered as Saints, these warriors harnessed the Cosmos within, wielding extraordinary strength. Fast forward to modern times, a fresh cohort of Saints emerges. Among them is the spirited Seiya, embroiled in a fierce struggle to claim the revered Pegasus Sacred Armor, resolute in his pursuit despite all obstacles. After years of relentless dedication, Seiya secures his coveted title as Athena's chosen Saint. Yet, his journey is far from over as daunting challenges and formidable adversaries lurk on the horizon. What trials lie ahead for Seiya and his companions in the legendary tale of Saint Seiya?

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