Saint Seiya: Tenkai-hen Josou - overture

Saint Seiya: Tenkai-hen Josou - overture

MOVIEToei Animation

Following their triumph over Hades, Seiya is left incapacitated and confined to a wheelchair with bleak prospects for recovery. In a bold move, Athena's sibling Artemis, the Moon's Virgin Goddess and Apollo's twin, offers a complex deal: she will restore Seiya's health in exchange for Sanctuary's dominion. Athena agrees, leading to Artemis and her celestial warriors swiftly seizing control of Sanctuary. As Seiya and his Bronze Saint comrades confront Zeus' forces to reclaim their home, they face unexpected challenges. Betrayals surface as Bronze Saints Hydra Ichi and Unicorn Jabu, along with Silver Saint Ophiuchus Shaina, align themselves with Artemis and Apollo.

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