Xian Wang De Richang Shenghuo 2

Xian Wang De Richang Shenghuo 2

ONAPb Animation

After a period of tranquility following a past event, Wang Ling's peaceful existence is disrupted when the balance of psionic abilities in the world falters due to his past actions. To prevent a further decline, his spiritual sword, Jingke, intervenes but inadvertently tears a hole in space. This breach paves the way for malevolent demons to drain the vital spiritual energy that sustains human civilization. Now, Wang Ling finds himself the sole hope against these dark forces. Juggling his high school routine with his supernatural responsibilities, he must navigate challenges like surprise teacher visits, forging mystical blades, managing his feelings for Sun Rong, and engaging in fierce battles to protect his world from the invading demonic threat.

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