Kyokou Suiri Season 2

Kyokou Suiri Season 2

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After surviving a treacherous betrayal by an old friend during a blizzard, Masayuki Muroi is rescued by the enigmatic Yuki-Onna, a spirit known for luring men to their deaths. Over a decade later, Masayuki, now a wealthy man, faces a series of personal calamities, leading him back to the place where Yuki-Onna once saved him. As he seeks solace in their unexpected reunion, a new crisis emerges when his ex-wife is murdered, leaving Yuki-Onna as his only alibi. Unable to reveal herself, Yuki-Onna seeks the assistance of the revered spirit mediator Kotoko Iwanaga, who, along with her immortal partner Kurou Sakuragawa, navigates the delicate balance between human and spirit realms. Bound by duty to protect both worlds, Kotoko vows to exonerate Masayuki without exposing Yuki-Onna, setting the stage for a complex web of intrigue and supernatural intervention.

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