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Following a lull in the war and Edo's reconstruction, Gintoki unexpectedly reunites with Shinpachi, who remains unaware of his presence. A sudden clash ensues between the Yorozuya and the Tenshouin Naraku, prompting Gintoki to disguise himself with a loincloth to evade suspicion. Seeking refuge in the Yorozuya office, Gintoki encounters an unexpected guest already waiting inside. Meanwhile, Kondou embarks on a mission to marry Princess Bubbles from the Gorilla Amanto race to foster diplomatic ties. Once aboard the Gorilla Amanto mother ship, Kondou grapples with the language barrier but inadvertently garners their support through earnest communication. However, an unexpected interruption jeopardizes the wedding ceremony. Will Kondou's nuptials proceed as planned, or will he narrowly escape a fate as the prospective Gorilla Prince?

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