Summer Ghost

Summer Ghost


In a tale where fireworks hold a mysterious power over departed souls, Tomoya, Aoi, and Ryou cross paths with the enigmatic Summer Ghost. This spectral figure, rumored to be a young woman who took her own life, materializes only in a specific location and is visible solely to those at death's door. Tomoya grapples with academic expectations suffocating his artistic spirit, while Aoi suffers in silence from relentless bullying, and Ryou, a former basketball prodigy, faces a debilitating illness that shattered his athletic dreams. United by their proximity to the Summer Ghost, these three strangers share a burning desire to unlock the secrets of death. Determined to delve deeper into this ethereal encounter, Tomoya embarks on a quest to reconnect with the Summer Ghost, unearthing layers of enigma surrounding her existence with each passing moment.

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