Hakuouki: Reimeiroku

Hakuouki: Reimeiroku


After a devastating betrayal, Ryuunosuke Ibuki is rescued from despair by Kamo Serizawa, who offers him a new purpose as his assistant. However, this new position under Serizawa's wing strips Ibuki of his freedom, reducing him to a mere pawn in Kyoto's power plays. As the Roshigumi is deployed to restore peace amidst ronin attacks, led by the honorable Isami Kondou, they lack the necessary influence in the crime-ridden city. Forced to collaborate with the disdainful Serizawa for strength, Kondou's alliance draws Ibuki into the world of the samurai. Despite his initial resentment, Ibuki's interactions with Kondou's samurai reveal a different side to these warriors, challenging his preconceptions. In 'Hakuouki Reimeiroku,' the tumultuous events in Kyoto set the stage for the Shinsengumi's inception, highlighting the city's political unrest and the moral complexities faced by Ibuki.

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