Build Divide: Code Black

Build Divide: Code Black


In Neo Kyoto, the card game 'Build Divide' dictates life's outcomes, from personal disputes to societal standings. Aspiring to attain the revered title of King, individuals strive for dominance in this high-stakes game. When an amnesiac youth named Teruto Kurabe awakens in Neo Kyoto with just his name and a deck of unfamiliar cards, his path intersects with Sakura Banka, a fellow player who guides him back to the game's intricacies and his ultimate goal: to confront the reigning King. Together, they set their sights on the Rebuild tournament, where gathering twenty-one tokens from opponents offers a shot at challenging the King for supremacy. Yet, as Teruto delves deeper into the game, his resurfacing memories cast doubt on the very fabric of Neo Kyoto's reality.

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