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When Finn discovers his orphanage's imminent closure, he ventures to a casino in hopes of a financial windfall. Little does he expect the chaos that unfolds—a car chase and bloody showdown triggered by a single 'lucky' card. This card, one of a set of 52 X-Playing cards with extraordinary powers, holds the key to unlocking individuals' hidden abilities. As Finn delves deeper, he learns of the High Card group's mission: to gather these potent cards scattered across the kingdom under the guise of Pinochle employees. Joining the team as their fifth member, Finn embarks on a perilous quest. Yet, rivals like Who's Who from a competing car company and the formidable Klondikes of the Mafia pose formidable obstacles. In a high-stakes clash driven by justice, ambition, and vengeance, a fierce battle among these card-wielding adversaries is on the horizon.

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