Kingdom 4th Season

Kingdom 4th Season

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In the aftermath of a monumental coalition war, China begins its path to recovery, with the victorious state of Qin facing political turmoil. Amidst the power play between Ying Zheng and Buwei Lü, Zheng, hailed as a hero, must navigate internal strife. With Lü plotting to disrupt Zheng's pivotal ceremony, a looming Zhao army adds to the tension. In a twist, Zheng's half-brother, Cheng Jiao, steps up to lead the defense, earning Zheng's trust. Despite a quick retreat by the Zhao troops, shadows of unrest linger, testing Qin's stability. Amidst the chaos, Zheng leans on two stalwart allies: the formidable general Bi and the trusted Fei Xin force leader, Xin.

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