BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls' Story

BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls' Story

TVBandai Namco Pictures
dramaslice of lifesports

Eve, known as the 'Rainbow Bullet' in the world of underground golf, earns her living by outplaying opponents in bets with her exceptional golfing skills using only three clubs. Her undefeated reputation faces a twist when she encounters Aoi Amawashi, a golf prodigy known as the 'Innocent Tyrant.' Aoi, born with innate talent and raised in a golf-centric environment, effortlessly dominates her rivals with a charming smile. Their fateful match sparks mutual interest, leading to a promise of a rematch. As Eve's bold and daring style clashes with Aoi's composed and strategic gameplay, the two prodigies strive to revolutionize the realm of golf and push its boundaries to new, unforeseen heights.

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