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In a world plagued by rising seas and dwindling human numbers, androids step in to handle mundane tasks, freeing up humans for other pursuits. Among their roles in service and entertainment is Babel, a towering stage where androids perform to ascend Climb Stages for hefty rewards. Struggling with debts and a looming power cut, Cobalt, Chrom, Neon, and Kei opt to venture into the competitive realm of Babel climbing. Despite initial setbacks in winning over the crowd, Cobalt refuses to surrender hope after witnessing the prowess of STAND-ALONE, a renowned unit. A chance encounter with a secretive choreographer offering a game-changing routine propels Cobalt and the group toward their goal. With the guidance of their human ally, Esora Shibaura, the androids unite as KNoCC, aiming to conquer the treacherous ascent of Babel. Yet, in their journey to the pinnacle, they also confront bias and prejudice against their robotic kind.

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