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Uta, once a musician of the Red Hair Pirates and a childhood friend of Monkey D. Luffy, vowed to usher in a new era of freedom through her enchanting music. At her inaugural concert, attended by throngs of eager fans, Luffy and his crew join the audience. However, Uta harbors a profound animosity towards pirates due to a haunting childhood incident. The joy of reuniting with Luffy is marred by her realization of his pirate identity. When Luffy remains steadfast in his pirate lifestyle, Uta's pent-up emotions manifest in a display of her formidable powers against the Straw Hat Crew. Little do they know, they have been ensnared in Uta's dream world from the moment the concert began, their physical bodies lying dormant in reality. Racing against time, the crew must unravel the mystery to break free from the illusion before succumbing to eternal slumber within Uta's fantastical realm.

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