Meitantei Conan: Halloween no Hanayome

Meitantei Conan: Halloween no Hanayome

MOVIETMS Entertainment

During the vibrant Halloween season in Shibuya, Tokyo, a wedding at Shibuya Hikarie turns chaotic when an intruder disrupts the ceremony, injuring Takagi while trying to protect Sato. As Sato sees a grim reaper figure reminiscent of a past tragedy, the mastermind behind a series of bombings escapes from prison. Meanwhile, Rei Furuya/Toru Amuro, seeking vengeance for a fallen comrade, is targeted by a mysterious figure with a collar bomb. Conan rushes to disarm the bomb and learns of a puzzling incident involving a virtual bomber named 'Plamya' that occurred three years prior. As they delve deeper into the investigation, a dark presence looms over Conan and his allies.

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