Koukyuu no Karasu

Koukyuu no Karasu

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Within the royal court, the enigmatic Raven Consort Ryuu Jusetsu commands both fear and respect. Secluded in her ebony palace, she is shrouded in mystery and hearsay, rumored to possess mystical powers capable of fulfilling any task, be it finding lost treasures or casting curses. While some revere her as an immortal wise woman, others dread her as a fearsome specter. Unperturbed by these varied perceptions, Jusetsu prefers a solitary existence, until Emperor Ka Koushun disrupts her tranquility with a beguiling mystery. Reluctantly pulled from her seclusion, Jusetsu embarks on a journey at the emperor's behest. Despite finding Ka Koushun's persistent presence irksome, she is unable to reject his plea for aid. Bound by the teachings of her predecessor, who foretold her eternal solitude and detachment from desire, Jusetsu unexpectedly forms a connection with Jiujiu, a curious and gentle court maiden whom she appoints as her sole companion. Together, they undertake tasks for the palace denizens, delving into a world fraught with hidden dangers. As Jusetsu navigates this newfound companionship and ventures beyond her palace walls, she risks awakening a haunting past that may challenge her resolve to remain isolated.

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