Hoshi no Samidare

Hoshi no Samidare


When a talking lizard named Sir Noi Crezant disrupts Yuuhi Amamiya's ordinary routine, the college student is thrust into a battle to save the world from the mage Animus. Tasked as the Lizard Knight, Yuuhi joins forces with other Beast Knights to defend the realm against destruction by the formidable Biscuit Hammer. Despite initial reluctance, Yuuhi's encounter with a golem unleashes a newfound determination, especially after being aided by his neighbor, Princess Samidare Asahina. However, their goals diverge as Samidare harbors a desire to bring about the world's end. Intrigued by her unwavering resolve, Yuuhi commits to empowering himself to support her cause. Amidst the clashes with Animus' creations, Yuuhi confronts his inner demons, grappling with past traumas that threaten to hinder his progress towards self-discovery and growth.

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