Kuro no Shoukanshi

Kuro no Shoukanshi


Preparing for rebirth in a different world, Kelvin sacrifices specific memories from his past life to gain potent abilities, extra skill points, and the prestigious title of an S-class summoner. The goddess overseeing his reincarnation, Melfina, sweetens the deal by allowing him to choose any companion to assist him in his summoner duties. Smitten with Melfina from their very first meeting, Kelvin picks her as his companion, convinced that his deep affection for her will resurface despite the memory loss. With Melfina by his side, Kelvin sets off on a thrilling adventure. However, to materialize his goddess companion, he must amass a considerable amount of mana points, a task achievable only by leveling up through battles against formidable foes and forming pacts with even mightier allies.

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