Yurei Deco

Yurei Deco

TVScience SARU

In the futuristic cyber city of Tom Sawyer, social status is determined by earning 'Love,' a currency equivalent to social media likes. Residents utilize the Decoration Customizer, or 'Deco,' implanted in their eyes since childhood, to exchange Love for services and customizable avatars. Despite the government's strict control, life in Tom Sawyer is disrupted by Phantom Zero, a mysterious criminal who resets Love levels to zero. Berry, a curious girl enthralled by Phantom Zero, leads a comfortable life until her Deco glitches, revealing a hidden figure named Hack. Mistaking Hack for the infamous Phantom Zero, Berry embarks on a pursuit that unravels the city's deepest secrets. As Berry delves deeper, she discovers a clandestine world existing beyond the city's facade, where deception thrives amidst the vibrant facade of Tom Sawyer.

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