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Memories comprises a trio of self-contained short films spanning diverse genres. In 'Magnetic Rose,' two engineers, Heintz Beckner and Miguel Costrela, respond to a distress signal on an abandoned space station, unraveling the tragic tale of Eva Friedel, a haunting opera singer. Plagued by hallucinations, they must battle to preserve their sanity and flee the station. 'Stink Bomb' follows the unwitting Nobuo Tanaka, whose cold remedy turns deadly when experimental pills amplify his flatulence to a toxic level, leading him on a perilous journey to Tokyo amidst chaos and pursuit. Lastly, 'Cannon Fodder' delves into a city obsessed with cannons, where a boy aspires to emulate his father as an esteemed artillery officer, fixated on the idea of defending his land despite the absence of a visible enemy threat.

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