Renai Flops

Renai Flops


In a futuristic world of advanced technology, a renowned AI TV fortune teller accurately predicts high schooler Asahi Kashiwagi's encounters throughout the day. From chance meetings with Aoi Izumisawa, Bai Mongfa, Karin Istel, Amelia Irving, and Ilya Ilyukhin to receiving sudden love confessions from each of them, Asahi's life takes a dramatic turn as the fortune teller's forecasts come true. To his surprise, he discovers that these five admirers are vying to become his future spouse, all brought together by his father's arrangement to live under the same roof. Reluctantly, Asahi agrees to this unconventional living situation, setting the stage for a lively and unconventional high school experience. As he navigates this new reality, buried memories resurface, hinting at a deeper connection with his unexpected suitors. As Asahi delves into his past and the enigmatic ties binding him to these potential partners, he begins to question whether their fateful entanglement is merely chance or a preordained destiny waiting to unfold.

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