Mahoutsukai no Yome SEASON 2

Mahoutsukai no Yome SEASON 2

TVStudio Kafka
dramafantasyromanceslice of lifesupernatural

Chise Hatori, a fledgling mage burdened with curses, receives an invitation to join the esteemed College where sorcery is taught. Motivated to find a remedy for her afflictions, she disregards her guardian Elias Ainsworth's concerns and embarks on this journey. Eager to curb her inclination towards self-sacrifice, Chise's arrival at the school captivates both peers and mentors due to her unique magical prowess. Amidst this newfound attention, a malevolent scheme unfolds in the shadows of the College, prompting the young mage to discern allies from adversaries to thwart the looming danger.

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