World Dai Star

World Dai Star


In an era pulsating with musical theater, elite entertainers called Dai Stars captivate audiences worldwide with their mesmerizing performances. Eager to ascend to the prestigious rank of World Dai Star, Kokona Ootori, a young aspirant, embarks on a relentless pursuit of her dream. Despite setbacks, Kokona seizes a chance to audition for the renowned troupe, Sirius, spurred on by her supportive confidante Shizuka. As Kokona delves into honing her craft, she faces fierce competition in the form of Kathrina Griebel, a formidable talent hailing from Germany. Amidst the cutthroat world of theater where numerous hopefuls vie for the limelight, Kokona must prove her mettle to claim her rightful place on the coveted stage.

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