Bungou Stray Dogs 5th Season

Bungou Stray Dogs 5th Season


As the Armed Detective Agency evades the relentless pursuit of the Hunting Dogs, hope flickers in the form of Detective Ranpo Edogawa's daring plan. To clear the Agency's name and avert imminent chaos, Ranpo devises a strategy to apprehend Kamui, the enigmatic leader of the terrorist group Decay of the Angel. Tasked with uncovering Kamui's location, Ranpo and his partner Atsushi Nakajima must sway the renowned captain of the Hunting Dogs, Ouchi Fukuchi, seeking his cooperation in exchange for amnesty. Despite Fukuchi's orders to capture the Agency, his intricate history with the Agency's president, Yukichi Fukuzawa, holds the potential to sway his allegiance. Yet, lurking beneath Fukuchi's facade of honor lies a shadow of doubt, casting a veil of uncertainty over their precarious alliance.

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