Kaze Tachinu

Kaze Tachinu

MOVIEStudio Ghibli

Despite his inability to become a pilot due to his nearsightedness, Jirou Horikoshi ventures to Tokyo Imperial University to pursue aeronautical engineering with the goal of crafting airplanes inspired by his idol, Giovanni Battista Caproni. The aftermath of the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 introduces him to Naoko Satomi, a young girl whose family he aids during the chaos, marking the start of a tumultuous period in Japan that culminates in World War II. Jirou's journey towards creating the renowned Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane is fraught with challenges that push his limits, as he grapples with the dual impact of his inventions in the war and the complexities of his personal life. Despite the trials he faces during his extensive travels and life encounters, he remains resolute in his pursuit, all while coming to terms with the sacrifices his dream demands. As the years progress, he is forced to confront the haunting question: what sacrifices is he willing to make to realize his cherished vision?

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