Aiura(tv short)

by LIDENFILMScomedy · slice of life

As spring vacation comes to a close, a new school semester approaches. Deciding to make the most of the remaining holiday, Ayuko Uehara takes a stroll into her neighborhood and stops by a small cafe. However, her peaceful day is abruptly disturbed when a girl clumsily bumps into her. Left puzzled by the encounter, Ayaku is even more surprised when she meets them again as freshmen at the same high school she attends. Recognizing her from the store, the girls introduce themselves as Kanaka Amaya and Saki Iwasawa, and the three quickly become friends. As they go through their daily lives as high school girls, the trio's distinct personalities—Kanaka's happy-go-lucky attitude, Saki's tomboyish behavior, and Ayuko's easygoingness—are sure to make every mundane school day filled with silly and fun interactions.

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