Deltora Quest

Deltora Quest


Once, the skilled blacksmith Adin crafted a belt embedded with seven potent gems, each representing a tribe of Deltora. This Belt of Deltora granted him the strength to thwart the Shadow Lord's ambitions of conquest, earning him the throne. Despite his victory, Adin remained wary of the Shadow Lord's lingering threat. Generations later, the memory of this malevolent force fades, and Deltora perceives its rulers as indifferent. Suddenly, the Shadow Lord strikes anew, shattering the Belt of Deltora by dispersing its gems. In this chaos, Jarred aids young King Endon and his queen in escaping, as they separate to elude the Shadow Lord's grasp. With the kingdom under the Shadow Lord's oppressive reign, hope resides in Jarred's son, Lief, raised to retrieve the scattered gems and restore the Belt. Accompanied by Barda and Jasmine, Lief embarks on a perilous quest, battling foes and creatures to dethrone the Shadow Lord and bring back harmony to Deltora.

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