Major S3

Major S3

TVStudio Hibari

After facing adversity at his previous school's baseball club, Gorou Honda returns home with a fervent desire to keep playing. However, his reputation is tarnished by Tetsufumi Egashira, hindering his entry into schools with baseball teams. Determined, Gorou enrolls at Seishuu High, where his friend Kaoru Shimizu studies. Despite the school's recent shift from all-girls to co-ed, there is no established men's baseball team. Undeterred, Gorou rallies seven inexperienced male students to form a team from scratch. His daunting task is to train these novices to compete at a national level, a challenge fraught with difficulties. Can Gorou work his magic again and lead his ragtag team to victory, or will his dream of triumphing over Kaido High remain unfulfilled?

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