Love Hina: Haru Special - Kimi Sakura Chiru Nakare!!

Love Hina: Haru Special - Kimi Sakura Chiru Nakare!!


As the crucial Toudai entrance exams approach, Keitaro brims with determination. However, in a surprising turn, he falters and drifts off into a daydream during the test, convinced of his impending failure. In a hasty retreat, he flees, prompting his companions to embark on a pursuit that leads them to a secluded desert island. Keitaro faces the daunting exams once more, exuding confidence this time, yet succumbs to slumber, his mind wandering to thoughts of Narusegawa. Startled awake with scant time left, he despairs over his potential failure, seeking to flee the Hinata Lodge and erase all ties to his past. Serendipitously encountering Seta, Keitaro finds himself stranded on a distant island, pursued fervently by his comrades.

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