Pocket Monsters XY

Pocket Monsters XY


In the vibrant Kalos region, Satoshi and Pikachu embark on their quest to become top Pokémon trainers. While in Lumiose City, they cross paths with Citron, a brilliant inventor, and his sister Eureka. A chance encounter leads to a fateful battle that intertwines their destinies. As Team Rocket's mischief unleashes chaos with a rampaging Gaburias, a determined Serena from Vaniville Town witnesses these events on TV, recognizing a boy from her past. Fueled by nostalgia and a longing to reconnect, Serena heads to Miare City to reunite with her childhood acquaintance. Throughout their Kalos journey, Satoshi challenges gyms, Citron gains insights from Satoshi, and Serena explores her aspirations. Alongside making new companions, confronting formidable rivals, and thwarting Team Rocket's machinations, they delve into the enigmatic realm of mega evolution.

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