Gin no Saji 2

Gin no Saji 2

TVA-1 Pictures
comedydramaslice of life

As the autumn season descends upon Ezono during the second trimester, Hachiken dives into a whirlwind of activities. From assuming the role of vice president in the equestrian club to welcoming a new furry companion, participating in his inaugural equestrian competition, and orchestrating numerous school festival tasks, Hachiken's schedule brims with busyness. Amid the typical school routines and adolescent aspirations, Hachiken and his comrades grapple with the stark realities of agricultural enterprises, including financial hardships and the weight of succession. While striving to aid his friends, Hachiken finds himself tackling his own familial challenges head-on. This narrative unfolds as a poignant tale of growth, encompassing sweat, tears, and a generous sprinkling of literal soil.

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