Denei Shoujo VIDEO GIRL AI

Denei Shoujo VIDEO GIRL AI

OVAProduction I.G

After facing a heart-wrenching rejection, Youta Moteuchi trudges home disheartened. Along the way, he stumbles upon a dimly lit video store that lures him in. Intrigued, he purchases a 'video girl' tape designed to comfort lonely souls. To his astonishment, when he attempts to play it on his faulty VCR, a stunning girl emerges from the screen and lands on his bed. Introducing herself as Ai Amano, she initially seems like the answer to Youta's quest for love. However, as glitches from the malfunctioning VCR start affecting her behavior, Ai's true nature surfaces, presenting a complex mix of traits. Despite her imperfections, Ai pledges to guide Youta towards happiness and genuine love. Thus begins the tale of Video Girl Ai, chronicling the daily struggles of a young boy yearning for love. With Ai as his unconventional guide, Youta embarks on a journey to discover the love of his life.

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