Pocket Monsters: THE ORIGIN

Pocket Monsters: THE ORIGIN

SPECIALProduction I.G, Xebec, OLM

In a world teeming with diverse Pokémon, Doctor Yukinari Ookido immerses himself in their study, entrusting two boys, Green and Red, with their own Pokémon and a digital guide. Green, the doctor's spirited nephew, exudes confidence, while Red brims with wide-eyed wonder. Join Red as he navigates Kanto, striving to complete his Pokédex by capturing every Pokémon. Through Gym battles, rivalries, and encounters with Team Rocket, Red uncovers hidden depths in himself and his aspirations. As he challenges the Elite Four, Red faces not just foes but also personal growth, all while striving to become a Pokémon League Champion and thwarting nefarious schemes in pursuit of his and Doctor Ookido's dreams.

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