Yama no Susume: Second Season

Yama no Susume: Second Season

adventurecomedyslice of life

Embarking on new adventures, the mountain-loving girls of Yama no Susume return in their second season. Aoi Yukimura, a timid high school freshman afraid of heights, and her spirited friend Hinata Kuraue reunite to tackle backyard camping, summer assignments, and the ultimate challenge of scaling their dream peak. With the addition of middle schooler Kokona Aoba and experienced senior Kaede Saitou, the team is prepared for any rugged terrain or obstacle that comes their way. Strengthening their bonds through mountaineering, they not only conquer trails but also forge connections with fellow climbers nationwide. From local slopes to towering summits, Aoi and her companions fearlessly navigate the trails, learning, stumbling, and triumphing together.

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