Yu☆Gi☆Oh! ARC-V

Yu☆Gi☆Oh! ARC-V

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In a world captivated by Action Duels where duelists synchronize with their Duel Monsters, a groundbreaking advancement allows these monsters to materialize. Yuuya Sakaki, son of the renowned Yuusho Sakaki, creator of You Show Duel School, embraces the ideology that dueling should spread joy, not conflict. When Yuusho vanishes before his crucial duel with the reigning Action Duel champion, Strong Ishijima, Yuuya is left determined to follow in his father's footsteps as an Entertainment Duelist. Years later, during a heated showdown with Ishijima, Yuuya's fervor triggers an extraordinary event as his pendant illuminates, transforming his cards into Pendulum Cards. With this newfound ability to wield Pendulum Summoning, a revolutionary technique, Yuuya ascends to stardom overnight. The enigmatic Reiji Akaba, CEO of Leo Corporation and founder of Leo Duel School, seizes upon this innovation by developing Pendulum Cards, intertwining them into the dueling landscape. As the secrets surrounding Pendulum Summoning and his father slowly unfurl, Yuuya navigates the path towards becoming a true Entertainment Duelist.

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