Pocket Monsters XY: MEGA EVOLUTION

Pocket Monsters XY: MEGA EVOLUTION


Formerly an aide to Lumiose City's Professor Sycamore, Alain embarks on a quest with his Charizard to enhance their skills through mastering mega evolution. Delving into the mysteries surrounding this power at the request of the enigmatic Lysandre, Alain and Charizard traverse the regions of Kalos and Hoenn in search of skilled trainers capable of harnessing mega evolution to aid in their own growth and support Lysandre's investigations. During their journey, they encounter Manon, a spirited young girl accompanied by her Chespin, who joins them against Alain's initial reluctance. Pokemon XY: Mega Evolution chronicles Alain and Charizard's pursuit of supremacy in mega evolution, as they face off against legendary creatures to safeguard Lysandre's ambitions and the well-being of their loved ones.

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