Lance N' Masques

Lance N' Masques

TVStudio Gokumi

Youtarou Hanabusa, known as the valiant Knight Lancer, is part of the modern-day Knights of the World, sworn to assist those in distress. Despite his chivalrous intentions, his knightly gestures in the contemporary era can be seen as peculiar. Suffering from 'White Knight Syndrome,' Youtarou can't resist aiding those in need with his heroic lance and gallant demeanor. His world is turned upside down when he rescues Makio Kidouin, a wealthy heiress living alone with her maids. Initially yearning for a normal life away from knighthood, Youtarou's plans change when he takes Makio under his protection, unknowingly entangling himself in a complex web of events. Now, he must safeguard Makio's well-being while safeguarding the secret behind his alter ego from the very person who adores the Knight Lancer.

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