Nozo x Kimi

Nozo x Kimi


Caught in a precarious predicament, Suga Kimio inadvertently lands in the girls' locker room, frozen with no means of escape as his classmates encircle him. Initially without ill intentions, his anxiety spikes upon hearing the approaching girls, prompting him to seek refuge inside a locker. Surprisingly, Komine Nozomi, a reserved classmate, stumbles upon him but opts to shield his presence. Baffled yet relieved, Kimio departs for home. Later, a message arrives from Nozomi, who resides in the same complex just across his floor. Using this proximity to her advantage, she coerces Kimio into a titillating agreement—mutual body reveals upon command. Fearing the repercussions on his school reputation, Kimio reluctantly acquiesces to Nozomi's audacious scheme, initiating their clandestine peep show through their adjacent windows...

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