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At Kaminoyama High School, a bond forms among five friends—Aoi, Ema, Midori, Shizuka, and Misa—as they unite over their shared passion for anime and establish an animation club. Following a successful debut anime creation at the cultural festival, the group pledges to forge careers in the industry, with a shared ambition to collaborate on a major project. Fast forward two and a half years, Aoi and Ema secure positions at the prestigious Musashino Animation studio. Meanwhile, Shizuka grapples with the struggle of gaining recognition as a voice actress, Misa settles for a mundane job designing 3D models for a car company, and Midori embarks on her academic journey to fulfill her aspirations as a storyteller. Through trials and setbacks, these girls realize that the road to achievement is paved with detours, yet perseverance and a sprinkle of ingenuity can still turn their dreams into reality.

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