New Initial D Movie: Legend 1 - Kakusei

New Initial D Movie: Legend 1 - Kakusei


On a misty morning, Keisuke Takahashi encounters a speedy Toyota AE86 on Mount Akina, sparking rumors of a spectral racer haunting the mountain. Determined to conquer this apparition, Keisuke rallies the Akagi Red Suns to challenge the local Akina Speed Stars in a high-stakes race. As they gear up for the showdown, Keisuke hopes to lure out the enigmatic 'Ghost of Akina' and settle an old score. Amidst the racing fervor, Keisuke's car enthusiast friend Itsuki Takeuchi contrasts with Takumi Fujiwara, who views racing with indifference. Takumi's passion lies in delivering tofu in his father's humble AE86, mastering Akina's treacherous roads through countless dawn drives. When the Speed Stars face a daunting challenge from the Akagi team, their only hope rests on recruiting Takumi and his iconic panda-themed AE86. Reluctantly taking the wheel, Takumi ventures to Mount Akina to defend his comrades' honor and uphold the legacy of Akina's racers.

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