Star Mu

Star Mu

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Seeking the source of his inspiration, Yuuta Hoshitani enrolls in the prestigious Ayanagi Academy renowned for nurturing musical prodigies. To secure his spot in the Musical Department, he must navigate the fierce competition among the students. His ticket to success lies in joining a Star Team led by a member of the influential Kao Council. Under the whimsical guidance of Itsuki Ootori, Hoshitani teams up with his roomie Tooru Nayuki, aspiring Kabuki performer Kakeru Tengenji, reserved Shuu Kuga, and Kaito Tsukigami, brother of a famous alumnus. As they confront their own weaknesses, Team Ootori faces off against rival Star Teams and the formidable Kao Council in their quest to shine at the upcoming Ayanagi Festival.

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