Young Black Jack

Young Black Jack

TVTezuka Productions

In the 1960s, a talented medical student named Kuroo Hazama embarks on a quest to establish his reputation. With a mysterious appearance, scars adorning his body, and a shadowy past, Hazama's exceptional surgical skills capture attention when he accomplishes a miraculous operation. Teaming up with the spirited intern Maiko Okamoto and his troubled friend Yabu, Hazama immerses himself in the medical world. Yet, amidst student uprisings, war, and corruption plaguing Japan, Hazama faces a tumultuous journey to earn his stripes as a respected surgeon. As he navigates through a web of dubious events challenging his principles and his dream of becoming a surgeon, Hazama becomes entangled in a web of intrigue. 'Young Black Jack' portrays the tale of a man gifted with extraordinary medical prowess and the transformation that propels him to the legendary figure known as Black Jack.

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