Pocket Monsters XY&Z

Pocket Monsters XY&Z


As Satoshi and his companions venture through the Kalos region, their journey takes a thrilling turn after earning the seventh gym badge. Eureka stumbles upon a peculiar Pokémon named Puni-chan, sparking curiosity as it eludes identification even by Serena's new Pokémon Zukan. The group soon discovers that Puni-chan is a target of the nefarious Team Flare, a group donning vivid red attire with sinister motives. Refusing to stand by as Team Flare threatens Puni-chan, Satoshi and his friends courageously oppose the malevolent organization. Meanwhile, with looming predictions from the mysterious Gojika, Satoshi strives for his final gym badge, while Serena vies for her last Princess Key to qualify for the prestigious TriPokalon Master Class. As Team Flare intensifies its pursuit of the elusive Z, narratives from Pokemon XY and Pokemon XY: Mega Evolution intertwine, drawing Satoshi, his companions, and even Team Rocket into a high-stakes plot that endangers the entire Kalos region.

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