Uchuu Patrol Luluco

Uchuu Patrol Luluco


Residing in the peculiar Ogikubo, a diverse hub blending humans and aliens, young Luluco yearns for a mundane life amidst the intergalactic chaos. Yet, her ordinary aspirations shatter when her father, a Space Patrol agent, mistakenly ingests a potent sleep capsule, turning him into a frozen statue. Desperate to save him, Luluco rushes to the Space Patrol headquarters where, to her surprise, she gets recruited by the strict chief, Over Justice, as a temporary space operative for covert missions in her own school. Clad in the Space Patrol uniform, she embarks on a quest to uphold justice while concealing her true identity. However, the suit's unwavering commitment to law enforcement and her newfound responsibilities threaten to unveil her normal facade, challenging her to navigate the thin line between conformity and adventure.

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