Natsume Yuujinchou Go

Natsume Yuujinchou Go

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Natsume Takashi, gifted with the rare ability to see youkai invisible to others, conceals this power from his loved ones to safeguard their tranquility. Despite his secrecy, Natsume nurtures a compassionate bond with friendly youkai, using his ancestral Book of Friends to return their names and grant them freedom. Amidst the persistent allure of the powerful Matoba clan's exorcist legacy, Natsume resolutely declines their offers, wary of their ruthless tactics unlike his ally Natori's tempered approach. Pressured by Seiji Matoba's coercion, Natsume reluctantly attends a formidable assembly of esteemed exorcists, navigating treacherous encounters with both human adversaries and mystical beings. Standing firm against oppressive traditions, Natsume holds onto his belief in a harmonious coexistence between the spirit and human realms.

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