Lostorage incited WIXOSS

Lostorage incited WIXOSS

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Returning to her hometown after a long absence, Suzuko Homura reminisces about her joyful past with childhood friend Chinatsu Morikawa, bound by a promise of friendship. Despite losing touch with Chinatsu, Suzuko aims to forge new connections at school but faces challenges in doing so. Meanwhile, Chinatsu shoulders the burden of supporting her family through multiple jobs while striving to meet lofty expectations. As fate would have it, both girls become Selectors in the card game WIXOSS, where their memories are at stake in intense battles to collect five gold coins. Empowered by their LRIG avatar cards, manifestations of their memories, Suzuko and Chinatsu confront the perils of inconsistent dueling and the risk of losing all their coins. United by a desire to protect what matters most, the two friends gear up for the fierce contests ahead, determined to rediscover their true selves.

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