Soushin Shoujo Matoi

Soushin Shoujo Matoi

TVWhite Fox
mahou shoujo

In the bustling city of Kamaya, Matoi Sumeragi, a second-year junior high student, leads a seemingly ordinary life as a shrine maiden at Tenman Shrine. Raised by her father after years of separation from her mother, Matoi longs for a tranquil existence. Her friend Yuma, also tied to the shrine's history of exorcisms, introduces Matoi to a Divine Possession ritual. However, a fateful day unfolds as they find the shrine in disarray and Yuma's parents injured. Matoi's father, a detective, delves into the mystery, only to encounter a peculiar witness. Amidst chaos, Matoi unexpectedly inherits divine powers, transforming her mundane life into one filled with spiritual battles against malevolent forces. Now, to reclaim her peaceful routine, Matoi must embrace her newfound role as an exorcist.

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