Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT

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In Dragon Ball GT, the story unfolds five years after Gokuu departs to train Uub, his pupil who has now completed his training. Unexpectedly, during Uub's final lessons, Gokuu's longtime adversary, Emperor Pilaf, sneaks into the Lookout to exploit the Black Star Dragon Balls for a wish. However, a slip-up leads to Gokuu being transformed into a child instead of Pilaf gaining power. Little did they know, this seemingly harmless mishap triggers a chain of perilous events. When the Black Star Dragon Balls are used, the planet faces annihilation exactly a year later. Not only do the Balls scatter across the galaxy, but also pose a grave threat to Earth. Gokuu, along with Trunks and Pan, embarks on a mission to recover the Balls and protect their planet. Yet, their journey is fraught with formidable adversaries far more menacing than Emperor Pilaf, testing their strength and resolve in the vast expanse of the galaxy.

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