Giant Robo THE ANIMATION: Chikyuu ga Seishi Suru Hi

Giant Robo THE ANIMATION: Chikyuu ga Seishi Suru Hi

OVAPhoenix Entertainment, Jupiter Films, Mu Animation Studio

A decade ago, Dr. Shizuma and his team introduced the groundbreaking Shizuma drive, a game-changing renewable energy source. Despite their achievement, a tragic accident shrouded in secrecy marred their success, haunting the world's memory. Meanwhile, the nefarious organization Big Fire plots global domination, possessing two enigmatic Shizuma drive samples crucial to their sinister agenda. The final sample falls into the hands of Dr. Shizuma, rescued during his flight by Daisaku, Giant Robo, and the valiant Experts of Justice. Thus ensues a high-stakes conflict between the Experts of Justice and Big Fire for control of the last sample, with Big Fire unleashing their ultimate weapon, the Eye of Volger, on an unsuspecting populace. As revelations unfold, the enigmatic truth behind the decade-old tragedy emerges as the linchpin of a larger conspiracy.

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